Live Oak Tree Relocation 2019 Growth Success

Live Oak Tree Relocation

In 2017, Sage Environmental Group’s restoration ecologist and arborist worked closely with Caltrans District 7 and the City of Industry to plan for and relocate multiple live oak trees that were impacted by freeway improvements at SR 60 and Grand Avenue.

The trees were carefully excavated, boxed for temporary storage, then moved to a nearby site to spend time adjusting. After six months of careful observation and care, the boxed trees had grown new roots and adjusted from the shock of removal.

Next, Sage Environmental Group coordinated moving the live oak trees to their permanent site. They were loaded onto flatbed trucks, transported and replanted. The “picture tells the story.” The live oak trees are extremely happy and thriving in their new location.

Live Oak Tree Relocation 2017 Planting
Live Oak Tree Relocation 2017 Planting