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Mayor Christina L. Shea, City of Irvine, State of the City Address 2020

Feb 25, 2020 - Orange County Register

Sage participated by setting up a live animal exhibit and petting zoo featuring our weed eating goats. Their work on City-owned open space is integral to compliance with the non-toxic herbicide policy adopted by the City in 2016.


Before Shea’s speech, visitors were invited to mingle with goats in a pen outside City Hall – a display meant to call attention to the city’s environmental initiatives, such as hiring a goat herd that helps reduce wildfire danger by eating weeds and brush in the city’s open spaces.


South Pasadena Will Use Goats for Brush Clearance

Sept 13, 2019 - Pasadena Now READ ARTICLE HERE

The Media, City Council Members, and South Pasadena Fire Department Officials joined in a "Meet the Goats" Day on the first day of grazing at Moffatt Hill. Sage goats were hired by the fire department to remove a heavy fire fuel load on this 10-acre site that had never been cleared.


They actually consume the vegetation rather than just weigh it down, Alissa Cope noted, which would be something that weed whacking, or some kind of mechanized treatment, would do. It gets rid of the biomass.