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Integrated Pest Management

Experts familiar with the identification, removal methods, and level of significance of exotic and invasive species.

Integrated Pest Management

Featured IPM Specialities

  • Identifying and controlling exotic and invasive plant populations
  • Vegetative management species-release and weed control
  • Species selection for habitat-specific restorations and plantings
  • Chemical control using terrestrial, aquatic and pre-emergent herbicides
  • Mechanical and physical control for precise applications
  • Site monitoring for ongoing adaptive management of species
  • Cultural habitat modifications to enhance natural environments
  • Targeted grazing techniques utilizing a natural method of weed control

IPM Certifications and Licenses

Sage is a California Department of Pesticide Regulation-registered Pest Control Business (#41180) covering Orange, Riverside, Los Angeles, and San Bernardino counties. Key staff holds a Qualified Applicator License with certification in A, B, C, D, E, F categories.

Vegetation Removal

Sage offers a complete spectrum of vegetation removal services. Our certified/qualified project managers and field crew conduct removal of undesired vegetation using integrated mechanical, herbicidal and natural methods. We employ highly trained personnel familiar with native flora and fauna within the Southern California region. Our biologists, botanists, restoration ecologists, arborists, and herbicide applicators are experts in the identification, removal methods, and level of significance of hundreds of exotic and invasive species.

Integrated Pest Management

A successful Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program controls unwanted species by using the right tool, in the right place, and at the right time. We engage with clients at the outset to gain an understanding of specific issues and define management goals. Together we develop a control strategy that is custom-tailored to each site and targeted species. This strategy may involve an integrated approach using herbicides, machines, hand tools, and natural methods. For large-scale sites, Sage deploys our large-capacity herbicide ATV and field tractor.

To establish a baseline, we perform field monitoring and plant population assessments. These initial, and ongoing, studies shape control action guidelines. Work is conducted in compliance with regional conservation plans and project-related Habitat Mitigation and Monitoring Plans. Preventive actions and first year removal activities are assessed. As needed, targeted 2nd and 3rd year invasive control is conducted. Additional IPM strategies may be warranted using biological, cultural, physical/mechanical, and chemical tools.

Mechanical and Natural Removal

Our field crews are fully equipped with the tools and safety equipment needed for mechanical vegetation removal. Our integrated approach recognizes that utilizing machinery to cut vegetation can encourage regrowth.

When appropriate for site conditions, a natural vegetation removal process is preferred. For management of open space, riparian, and inaccessible areas, our herd of goats is deployed to remove fire fuel, weeds and invasive vegetation.