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Goat Grazing for Wildland Management

Goat grazing is an effective and efficient method for fire fuel reduction and invasive plant removal

Stewardship and Fire Prevention

Conservancies, fire authorities, municipalities and HOAs in Orange and Los Angeles counties are using our goats to suppress non-native grasses and fire fuel load with good success in wildland/urban interface areas and open space.

We invite you to consider incorporating goat grazing in your stewardship and fire prevention projects. Contact us to discuss this effective land management tool.

Scientific and Regulatory Compliance Approach

Our professional staff, who plan and manage the grazing program, have over 20 years of experience in environmental planning, regulatory permitting, habitat restoration, and vegetative management.

The work that our goats perform is managed from an environmental science and regulatory compliance perspective. Targeted grazing is conducted to meet regional/local conservation plan goals.

Goat Grazing is Effective and Efficient

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Prescribed grazing is targeted, selective, short duration, and avoids desired native plants.

Invasive weed black mustard foreground grazed background ungrazed
Invasive black mustard weed ... foreground grazed ... background ungrazed

Goat Grazing

Fire fuel reduction, non-native and invasive plant management

  • Large acreage
  • Steep areas where hand and mechanical control is not feasible
  • Herbicide-free treatment method

Service Areas

  • Orange County (in north - SR 91/241 and in south Laguna Niguel, San Juan Capistrano, Irvine)
  • Los Angeles County (within 25 miles of SR 57/SR60)

Cost and Management

  • Our goat herds are well managed
  • We closely monitor to prevent over grazing
  • We utilize excellent animal husbandry practices
  • Cost per acre is generally less than other methodologies

Membership and Registrations

  • Member, California Invasive Plant Council
  • Member, California Native Plant Society
  • Member, California Native Grasslands Association
  • Member, California Society for Ecological Restoration
  • Registered Vendor #1600360 Cal eProcure
  • Cal Fire, LA Co. Fire, OC Fire, Riv Co. Fire

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