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Goat Grazing for Wildland Management


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Mailing Address: 24040 Camino del Avion, Suite A77

Monarch Beach, CA 92629

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Southern California

  • Los Angeles Co. (South)
  • Orange Co.
  • Riverside Co. (West)

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Goat Grazing Inquiries FAQ

Interested in goat grazing for weed abatement or brush clearing?

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Schedule: If you are interested in exploring goat grazing for weed abatement, please provide us with your contact information, location, and maps via email. Grazing is optimal during the April to June growing season.

Clients: Sage works primarily with municipalities, land conservancies, fire departments and homeowners associations on sites of 10 acres or greater. This is due to the economies of scale in order to spread the cost of setup and teardown over a larger contracted area, duration of grazing and daily labor allocation.

Cost: A mobilization fee averages $2,500 per job site. For multiple Fuel Modification Zones, a separate mobilization is required. The balance of the budget is estimated by a cost per acre for grazing and size of the herd deployed to a site. Minimum of 10 acres requirement.

Mobilization: Involves setting up a lightweight solar powered electric mesh around the perimeter of a grazing area to contain the goats. We also set up a large temporary pen where the goats can safely spend each night. Their "weed" diet is supplemented by high quality feed available in the pen at night. Setup also includes providing an adequate daily fresh water source. It can be a large water tank trucked in, or a permitted and metered hookup to the irrigation system present near the site.

Individuals: We have had many inquiries by individual homeowners interested in goat grazing. We DO NOT provide grazing for private residential properties. The economy of scale does not work for less than 10 acres, making grazing and mobilization more expensive than hand clearing and mowing.

Insurance: Our grazing projects require commercial liability insurance coverage. We work with you to get that in place.

Permits: Another consideration is a grazing permit and notification of neighbors requirement in many communities.

Goat grazing at Reef Park in Laguna Niguel
Goat grazing at Reef Park in Laguna Niguel
Goat grazing at Reef Park in Laguna Niguel
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